svn2github mirror svn repositories to

The service is going to be closed by 27th of January, 2019.

Please read the details in my blog post.

Add SVN repository mirror

The mirror repository will be accessible at:  

When using the service you should be aware:

  • you are allowed only to mirror Open Source projects
  • you should not abuse svn2github or services
  • svn2github is in beta stage, so it may not work correctly 100% of the time
  • SVN repos you supply should be publicly available
  • the Git repository will be publicly available once created

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svn2github can create a Git repository at GitHub and mirror an SVN repository into it. Once mirrored it keeps the Git repository in sync with SVN updates.

Having a library tracked in SVN mirrored into a Git repository allows you to use it in your Git projects (if you add them as submodules).

The tool is limited only to open source projects hosted on publicly accessible SVN repositories.